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Why is speed important?

School size:
Classes per day:
Saved time per mark: second
Students per class:
Marks per day:
Marks per week:
Marks per year:
Teacher time saved per year:
Teacher time saved per year:
Teacher time saved per year:
Student time saved per year:
Student time saved per year:

Marking an individual student's attendance is done so much over a year that very small savings actually add up to very big savings. Adjust the numbers above to see this for yourself. STEARsoft can save over a second per mark on average compared to some systems, especially when factoring in 'launch' time (to open the registers page).

What makes STEARsoft Fast?

  • Phone and Watch Apps give almost instance access, and the STEARsoft Apps work without data connection, so aren't affected by slow networks or poor WiFi. Just synchronise later if necessary.
  • When using the web, fast-loading pages using fast servers, avoiding unnecessary animations and keeping a clean user interface save multiple seconds every registration (it really does add up). It's also designed so that teachers can directly bookmark the page they want to start at.
  • Separated from the rest of your school information management system, speed gains are possible for reduced security reasons as well as not having to navigate through a bigger, more complex system.
  • It has been refined by teacher use over many years, and uses the traditional symbols that have evolved over an even longer period.
  • It has the electronic benefits of flood-filling, auto-completing, repeating patterns and jumping straight to the sheet you need, giving a live list of missing absence notes and any suspiciously inconsistence attendance.
  • The electronic benefits save time outside the classroom too, as with other electronic systems, importing and exporting data, producing reports and organising your data to highlight poor attendance patterns.

Electronic registration should be faster than traditional use of paper

STEARsoft is quite a bit faster, but some electronic systems are actually slower!!

Are you on another electronic system? If so, does it open as quickly as opening a paper register book? Can you authorise an absence as easily as writing a code letter in the absence circle? Can you see at a glance the attendance patterns for your class over the last couple of weeks? If someone arrives late halfway through your lesson, is it as fast as the 5 seconds it took to open the page and add an L in the paper register, or does it take a minute to get back into the system and fiddle around to add how many minutes the lateness is?

STEARsoft is faster even when using the web interface on a laptop, but the speed gains jump to be even more significant when using the App on your watch or a phone in your pocket. Not having to return to your desk to add marks or record an incident or indeed to take the whole register can be even more valuable as a time-saver.